OGELLE Goes Live! Dubbed The African YouTube

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OGELLE, dubbed Africa’s very own YouTube, is set to go live and will revolutionize the way African content is served globally.

Ogelle, a slogan that translates to ‘Africa Is Content’, is an online resource and entertainment User Generated Content platform. A company of Reddot Television Network Limited.

Ogelle is the first User Generated Content platform in Africa with 100% focus on African content from Films, Music, Comedy, Tourism, Cuisine, Vocation, News and Lifestyle. Ogelle is not a television station rather a resource and entertainment platform where the general users can create their own channels, create their own content, upload same on Ogelle and the world is watching. With Ogelle, every African now has the opportunity to launch his or her own online television channel.

The platform provides multiple opportunities for African content producers whose work will now be available around the globe, providing these producers a global voice.  To lovers of African content, Ogelle presents world-class content that is rich in Africa’s customs and traditions, bold, diverse and globally appealing.

Most importantly, Ogelle presents an excellent avenue for learning through our vocation training content creators known as Ogelle Vocation.

“Our key strength lies in our extensive knowledge base of the creative sector backed up by a network of commercial relationships, which provides Ogelle with the opportunity to act as the bridge between creative content creators and consumers globally,” read an official statement by the company, announcing the launch.

Like YouTube, it also gives content developers the opportunity to monetize their content, offering in the process a cost-effective distribution channel for content developers.

“At the same time, we create competitive returns for content creators by monetizing any content that exceeds 100,000 views produced in line with our partner program. Please read Ogelle Partner Program (OPP) for eligibility.”

The company noted it global team consists of experts, industry insiders in content creation, acquisitions, distribution, film financing and film production. “Together, we leveraged our Pan African and Global network of relationships to establish Ogelle as the first only Africa content UGC resource and entertainment center,” it concluded.

Ogelle can be accessed through the app, which can be downloaded on the Apple AppStore or the GooglePlay store.


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