Chinese Multinational Company, Alibaba Moves to Empower Rwandan Businesses and Entrepreneurs

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Alibaba, a Chinese multinational conglomerate specializing in retail and e-commerce, has affirmed plans to empower businesses and entrepreneurs operating in Rwanda.

The company is set to launch an initiative dubbed the Alibaba Netpreneur Training program that will welcome entrepreneurs and business leaders who currently operate in the Rwandan market, as well as those in the process of expanding into the Rwandan market.

The program will take place from March 2nd to March 13th, 2019 in Hangzhou, China.

Enrolled participants will get the opportunity to learn the key factors behind Alibaba’s long-term success; the defining moments and failures that have shaped Alibaba’s journey, including the early stages of development; and gain an understanding of Alibaba’s ecosystem.

The program comes at a time when China is heavily investing in Africa. The nation, which is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, has been integral in the development of various infrastructure projects in East Africa.

Construction companies have recognized the continent’s potential and other Chinese businesses are taking note. Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma, for instance, made a $10 million pledge towards supporting African e-commerce young entrepreneurs in 2017. Rwanda has been among the beneficiaries of the initiative, which is known as the eFounders Fellowship.

Ma also visited Rwanda in late 2018 and is keen to see what the East African nation has to offer.

“We are making new rules for the future. We are making improvements for world trade,” Ma said in a previous statement during his Rwanda visit.

While the Alibaba program will not promise the opportunity to partner with Alibaba, nor the opportunity to receive Alibaba investment, it will offer invaluable insights into the world of international trade and business.

The program hopes to attract authentic, open-minded and altruistic leaders of the ‘new economy’. It is aimed at building enterprises for long-term success, not for short-term profit.

The program is also looking for mission-driven individuals that have a strong sense of purpose, integrity, vision and drive, and are willing to learn and share their experiences and ideas.

The 10-day program will be hosted at Alibaba’s campus in Hangzhou.


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