Dutch firm to partner with Kenyan companies to promote CSR

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In a bid to help large Kenyan companies improve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programmes, GoodUp, a Netherlands based social enterprise will launch in Kenya. The company will support Kenyan enterprises willing to pump their profits into CSR initiatives.

GoodUp will help interested companies set up a one-stop display of all CSR activities being funded, manage employees willing to join and also organise crowd-funding activities for projects selected. GoodUp’s general manager, Bart Lacroix, admitted they chose to launch in Kenya because it housed companies willing to take CSR to the next level.

Mr Lacroix noted that GoodUp’s main mission was to help firms track their expenditure and impact. When interviewed, he said “we want to support their strategies in supporting charity, it will require engaging employees, clients and community to do good without loosing sight of the core business”.

He also added “we are in discussion with banks and telcos for a start. In addition, most of the multinationals operating here are already working with us”.

Since its launch in 2016, GoodUp has already partnered with 25 corporate firms in the Netherlands. These firms include Deloitte, Philips, Rabobank, Accenture and Booking.com.



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