Kenya to Merge Functions of Financial Regulatory Bodies

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The Kenyan Cabinet has approved the draft Financial Services Authority (FSA) Bill 2016 which will merge the functions of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA); the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA); the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA); and the Saccos Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA).

This reform in the financial sector aims to provide a consolidated supervision for financial services to eliminate regulatory gaps and increase protection of financial services consumers.

Under this Bill, all non-bank financial service providers will be licensed by the Authority through a single license.

The FSA will have a full range of administrative and enforcement powers to meet its statutory mandate.

It will retain the right to withdraw any delegation of powers for self-regulation, if it is not satisfied with the organization given such powers.

Overall, the initiative merging the functions of the four financial

regulatory bodies will make doing business in Kenya easier.


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