Ghana: innovative animal health service start-up, CowTribe secures $300,000 to expand operation

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Ghanaian startup, CowTribe, which sells vaccines and offers animal health services to breeders and farmers, has received $300,000 from Draper Richards Kaplan, an American foundation which funds early stage and high impact companies in Africa.

Apart from the financial support, Draper is to assist the company, founded in 2016 by Awin Peter, in its management and the implementation of an effective marketing strategy, a company release said.

“CowTribe which operates in four regions in Ghana wishes to extend its reach to the whole country in the coming eighteen months. We have plans to reach other African countries; Mali and Burkina Faso notably, after this,” the statement read.

Since its launch, CowTribe has sold more than $100,000 vaccines to 30,000 Ghanaian farmers in the country.

The animal health services provide further noted that it wishes to increase its customer base to 100,000 by the end of this year. Thanks to an agreement concluded with an association of cattle raisers, the startup extended its service to more than one million potential clients in Ghana.

In 2017, CowTribe also received €62,000 from a Dutch institution to help it strengthen the capacities of its staff.


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