Accra to Host Second Blockchain Conference

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Following on the success of the first Ghana Blockchain Conference in 2017, the organisers of the event, Blockchain Network, will host the second Blockchain Conference in Accra.

Under the theme “Blockchain technology for development,” the conference will come off October 25, 2018. It will bring together the Blockchain community, policy makers, and technology leaders to understand how technology is shaping global business.

The event also seeks to explore the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology, including: manufacturing; retail, financial services; legal, healthcare; insurance; energy; music; and real estate, among others.

“It is critical  that we become well informed about this technology that is taking the world by storm; do we have the requisite policy, legal and regulatory frameworks to embrace the blockchain technologies, and most importantly how well equipped in terms of capacity are our regulatory institutions and companies of this emerging sector?,”  the event organisers said in a statement.

Blockchain, the digital distributed ledger technology for recording ordered set of transactions securely including Bitcoin, Etherum, among others, has generated a lot of interest in the business sphere.  

This technology provides cryptographic identity for users, peer to peer transactions among users and a payment record of transactions.


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