Alcatel and IOX Cable Ltd to Connect South Africa to Mauritius, India via Under Sea Fibre Network

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IOX Cable Limited, a Mauritius-based fibre optic cable company, and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) a telecommunications firm, have commenced work for a cable route survey for a communication scheme known as the IOX Cable System, which will span more than 8,850 kilometers.

IOX Cable officials said the System, which hopes to be completed in 2019, will provide improved internet services across parts of the African continent. It will be the first open access cable system in the region, connecting Africa to the Indian Ocean Islands of Rodrigues and La Ruenion.

“This is a significant achievement in making the Indian Ocean islands a key gateway between Asia and Africa with onward connectivity to Europe, Middle East and the Americas,” said Arunachalam Kandasamy, Founder and CEO of IOX Cable Ltd.

“We would like to thank ASN for their strategic support from the early stages of the project and we look forward to delivering an ultra-high speed open access cable system which will significantly enhance the broadband infrastructure of today’s digital economy,” he added.

The IOX Cable System will enhance communication capabilities along the India to South Africa route. It will also allow easy connectivity to current and future submarine networks for onwards connectivity to the West Coast of Africa, Middle East, Europe, US and also further into Asia.

The ultra-high speed cable network will connect Mauritius and Rodrigues to the East Coast of South Africa on one side and the East Coast of India on the other. IOX stated that the system will deliver a design capacity of over 54 terabits per second and will also reinforce Mauritius as a hub in sub-Saharan Africa.

“This submarine network will enable IOX to offer differentiated services, while strengthening service, reliability and redundancy to existing submarine networks. Additionally, it will provide a new alternative path for connecting Asia and Africa and onwards to Europe and the USA,” said Philippe Piron, President of Alcatel Submarine Networks.


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