BICS Establishes Point of Presence in Kenya

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Global wholesale carrier for voice, mobile data and capacity services BICS has expanded its presence in Africa with the establishment of a new point-of-presence (PoP) in Nairobi, Kenya.

BICS is the only communications provider that offers the complete suite of regional traffic routing for International Voice, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and data roaming services in Africa.

Voice calls placed in Africa were previously rerouted via other international points-of-presence, impacting the quality of services as they were connected from one African country to another. A call from Kenya to Tanzania would for instance be rerouted through London and back to Tanzania, travelling thousands of kilometres in the process.

With the new PoP in Kenya, voice and roaming data traffic will now stay in the region giving customers improved quality of voice calls and data roaming services, no latency and increased Internet speeds.

It will also minimize the cost for BICS’ operator customers by optimizing connectivity within the region, thereby improving overall customer experience.

Recognizing the demand and potential for growth of connectivity and telecoms infrastructure on the continent, BICS first deployed PoPs in Djibouti and Mauritius later following them up with another in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Clémentine Fournier, Regional Vice President, Africa at BICS said, “There has never been a greater demand for bandwidth, as more customers across Africa are able to take advantage of 4G. Data-intensive apps and services are being enjoyed by a growing number of mobile users, who expect the jump in technology to correlate with a jump in quality.”

With around 70 per cent of traffic currently regional, the Kenya PoP deployment will enable the company to provide the local connectivity needed to satisfy customer demand.

All BICS PoP deployments are fully redundant and use next generation technology, allowing the company to evolve its infrastructure as services and technology develop in the region.

The company which offers an innovative suite of solutions for Voice, Messaging, Data & Connectivity, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Fraud & Security, Roaming, MVNE and Asset Monetization is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium with local representation in Accra, Cape Town and Nairobi.


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