Digital Registrar, Africa Registry Launches World Leading Solution for Domain Names in Africa

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Africa Registry, part of the CentralNic Group, a leading provider of domain names for Africa since 2005, has announced a new programme from its gateway service, RRPproxy. The gateway seeks to empower domain name vendors, registrars and resellers in Africa to sell domains using over 1,000 top-level mains (TLDs), and to benefit from a $50 free credit for all new accounts.

The platform offers almost five times more domain name choices than available through other African gateways. In fact, Africa Registry’s RRPproxy service enables registrars and resellers to immediately start selling lucrative add-on services such as hosting and SSL certificates – and many more attractive features

“African companies selling domain names today or planning to in the future deserve the same range of products and services to sell enjoyed by their peers in Europe, the US and Asia,” Africa Registry said in a statement.

“Africa Registry now provides this service through RRPproxy, the world’s best technical solution for domains,” the organisation added.

Africa Registry is part of CentralNic Group Plc, a London-based listed company that develops and manages software platforms allowing businesses globally to use the internet for their own websites and email, as well as protecting their brands online.

Its core growth strategy is identifying and acquiring cash-generative businesses with annuity revenue streams and exposure to emerging markets and migrating them onto the CentralNic software and operating platforms.

CentralNic operates globally with customers in over 200 countries. It earns revenues from the worldwide sales of internet domain names and hosting on an annual subscription basis.



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