Engineers Without Borders Canada Invests in Kenya’s Mobile Learning Platform M-Shule

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EWD (Engendering Without Borders) a Canadian initiative is said to be the investor in M-Shule which is serving primary schools in Kenya through its mobile learning management platform. M-Shule’s focus is on the performance improvement of millions of students in primary schools across the country as well as in the schools of sub-Saharan Africa. M-Shule develops education content which is spread through SMS service.

EWB has just entered as an investor in the technology sector serving in the African society.

According to EWB Managing Director, Nicky Khaki, M-Shule is serving Kenya and Africa through its well-integrated approach and tools in an attempt to improve the education standards and help out the African students.

M-Shule now joins hands with EWB and together M-Shule and EWB are making an enormous effort to eliminate the problems in Africa. EWB representatives claim that together with M-Shule, EWB is committed to assisting the education system by providing supplementary education through technology.

The educational content offered by M-Shule is based on the challenging the students and explaining the important concepts to help the students’ learning. The data reaches the students through their parents as well as the school administration.

The population of Sub-Saharan Africa is growing rapidly and during the next decade, the region will reach a billion young children and their education is a huge responsibility.

Currently, sub-Saharan Africa lacks proper educational facilities. Using these facilities, it will be difficult for the children to grow up and attain economic stability in the coming future.

Through the steps taken, just like M-Shule initiative, there could be a 23 percent increase in the per capita income.

Currently, the number of students as compared to the available teachers is too high. The absence rate of the teaching staff is also high and under such circumstances, M-Shule’s contribution is praise-worthy.

Claire Mongeau (CEO M-Shule) is hopeful that EWB’s partnership will enable the enterprise to serve the students in a better way and in across the larger region. She claims that EWB Ventures has invested in this program not only through funds but also through their expertise and more importantly, EWB is committed to the cause.


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