First Online Matching Platform for African Development to be Unveiled

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International NGO and charity, the Planet Earth Institute (PEI) is set to launch PEI exChange, the first online matching platform for all individuals working and interested in Africa.

It connects all people working in and passionate about Africa and based on user-identified criteria, including countries and regions of focus, industries, skills and experience, provides personalized matches to help users make their ‘Big Ideas for Africa’ which could include charitable projects, a new technology, a business plan, an academic collaboration or more happen.

The PEI exChange features a ‘Big Ideas Map’, which displays projects, initiatives, businesses, and collaborations happening in and for Africa where users can post their own projects, follow and support others, and stay updated with challenges and opportunities on the ground.

“The latest digital technologies are a powerful way of fostering collaboration among the many talented individuals working to further sustainable and inclusive development in Africa. This online matching platform and project portal have the potential to revolutionise the way people do business and good in Africa,” said Rt Hon Lord Paul Boateng, PEI Chairman and Trustee.

It will match like-minded users with people who have the skills, expertise, and experience to support their projects on and for the continent. Once connected, the PEI exChange real-time chat function facilitates collaboration, allowing users to share contacts and expertise, build networks, and create interest-focused groups.

The PEI exChange will be unveiled on 20 July 2017 during the PEI’s fifth #ScienceAfrica UnConference under the banner of ‘Big Ideas For Africa: Celebrating the Continent’s Science and Technology Pioneers’ in London, UK.

The UnConference brings together participants from diverse backgrounds, including business, academia, policy and civil society to recognize the individuals and groups creating scientific and technological innovations that benefit Africa and the world at large.


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