Nestlé Calls On Kenyan Innovators to Help Tackle Unemployment As Company Unveils New Innovation Projects

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Nestlé, a Swiss transnational food and drink company, through its HENRi@Nestlé open innovation platform, has this week launched two new projects aimed at addressing youth unemployment and the decline of farming.

Both projects are currently seeking top entrepreneurs from Kenya and all over the world to help address these issues with the opportunity to gain access to $50,000 in funding.

HENRi@Nestlé is an open innovation platform where Nestlé partners with early-stage companies to create innovative, high-potential solutions in response to brand and business challenges.

“We are looking for the most creative and effective entrepreneurs to partner with us on these incredibly important projects,” said Gerardo Mazzeo, Global Innovation Director at Nestlé.

“Working with entrepreneurs from all over the world and all backgrounds to help us address some of our most pressing business needs helps us to deliver value to our customers, their communities, and the world. We’re excited to see what solutions are proposed and look forward to working with some bright start-ups,” Mazzeo added.

The first challenge dubbed ‘Spreading Nutrition Knowledge and Empowering Better Health’ focuses on malnutrition, a prominent issue in the Equatorial African Region (EAR).

“While the region has seen improvement over recent years, Nestlé sees an opportunity to address this problem more effectively through digital innovation,” the Swiss-based firm said in a statement.

The company plans to capitalise on the steady increase of mobile phone connectivity in the region.

The second project, titled ‘Nurturing the Next Generation of Farmers’, aims to tackle population growth, which has been putting pressure on the global agricultural sector.


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