poa! Internet Plans to accelerate its Growth and Double in Size by Mid-Year Following Launch in Kenya’s Kangemi Area

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poa! internet, a low-cost Internet service provider (ISP) operating in Kenya, has announced its expansion into Nairobi’s Kangemi area. Following launches in 2018 in Kiambu Town and Tin’gan’ga in Kenya’s Kiambu County, the service provider has more than doubled its coverage area in less than a year.

“Our expansion plans are now accelerating, with our launch in Kangemi opening up the potential of connecting up to 200,000 further homes with low-cost, unlimited broadband,” said Andy Halsall, CEO of poa! Internet.

“We are committed to provide the most affordable internet services in Kenya,” he added.

poa! Internet has maintained its home broadband price at Ksh1,500 (about $15) a month while more than doubling its connection speeds to up to 4 megabytes per second (Mbps).

The service provider develops and delivers unlimited, affordable Internet to low-income communities in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties in Kenya with the aim of contributing to local, social and economic growth.

As one of Kenya’s fastest growing ISPs, poa! Internet currently operates in Kenya’s Kibera, Kawangware, Jamhuri, Kabiria, Kiambu, Ting’ang’a, Kirigiti areas.

“The high cost of data bundles and home broadband subscriptions continue to put truly unlimited Internet access beyond the reach of many middle and low-income earners in Kenya,” Halsall explained following the launch.

“Our mission is to deploy leading-edge technology to increase the accessibility of the Internet and open the way to far wider usage by far more people. That aim is now seeing us shift towards aggressive growth,” he added.

poa! internet plans to continue its aggressive growth by more than doubling its coverage areas by June 2019, and expects to be five times its current size by year-end. The ISP’s home broadband allows users to stream 720p high-definition videos and download a 1 gigabyte (GB) video in minutes.


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