Senegalese Tech Company, Dev Corp Highlights Opportunities for Investment in Rwanda’s ICT-Agriculture Ecosystem

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Dev Corp Technologies, a digital applications company based in Dakar, Senegal, has highlighted the lucrative opportunities evident in Rwanda’s agriculture industry, particularly in the field of digital technology.

Speaking at an event titled ‘Youth Employment in Agriculture’, the company’s representatives said that the image young people have about agriculture is flawed. In a statement issued this week, Dev Corp insisted that young and potential entrepreneurs need to change their mindsets.

The tech firm argued that they need to understand that the trades around agriculture are vast, varied and lucrative for those who know how to exploit opportunities given to them.

The two-day Youth Employment in Agriculture conference brought together government representatives, development partners, the private sector, youth and women organizations, civil society organizations, research and academia. It also featured representatives from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts in the fight against hunger.

The high-profile affair also aims to foster best practices between stakeholders in agriculture, drive youth employment, boost entrepreneurship and promote ICT innovation.

At the event, Dev Corp noted that producers and processors within the industry can boost their sales by using social media to directly interact with customers. The tech company insisted that ICTs remains a means to an end and should not be seen as a simple solution. The firm described ICT as a tool to be exploited in the field of agriculture.

“Agriculture in Africa has the potential to contribute to the creation of job opportunities…they don’t have to look for opportunities abroad,” said FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva, who spoke at the closing ceremony for the event this week.

Dev Corp said that participants at the Youth Employment in Agriculture event were arming themselves with new information and communication technologies needed to impact Rwanda in a positive way. The group added that solutions discussed at the forum would help grow Rwanda’s economy as long as they were properly implemented.

The company also called for a collaboration between young and experienced players in the agriculture industry. The group advocated for partnerships between youthful, enthusiastic innovators and wise smallholder farmers, who make up an integral part of Rwanda’s growers.

Dev Corp stated that the two groups could greatly benefit from learning and raising awareness in the areas of resilience and nutrition, as well as the monitoring of technical itineraries.


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