South African Fibre Network Company DFA Urges Businesses to Adopt E-Commerce

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Dark Fibre Africa (DFA), a Gauteng-based internet services provider, has called on South African businesses to use e-commerce to drive up their revenues.

The firm’s statement comes at a time when 20.9% of the country has access to the internet.

Arguably touted as the continent’s largest economy, South Africa has 21 million internet users, the vast majority of which are using mobile phones to access the World Wide Web, according to a study by World Wide Worx, a business technology research firm.

The data indicates that 40% of the country’s population will have internet access by the end of this year. South Africa has an estimated population of 55.9 million people and internet-based companies like DFA plan to capitalize on these numbers.

“A key benefit of e-commerce is it builds brand advocacy and loyalty by personalising customer experience,” the tech company said in a statement

DFA finances, builds, installs, manages, and maintains a world-class fibre network to transmit metro and long-haul telecommunications traffic in South Africa.

The firm believes that e-commerce is the answer to engaging and evolving with the country’s dynamic business landscape.

An earlier report from World Wide Worx and Johannesburg-based market research company, Ornico predicted that in 2017, social media would become an indispensable tool for South African marketers and politicians, artists and activists, reporters and media personalities.

The study covered more than 100 major South African brands, making for a representative sample of the country’s major brands.

Last year, as many as 91% of these brands were using Facebook, while 88% were active on Twitter, and 66% were on YouTube.

“The message is clear for anyone wanting to communicate with the public, consumers or large groups of stakeholders,” said Oresti Patricios, CEO of Ornico.

“If you’re not using social media, you’re not reaching your audience. If you’re not on social media, your stakeholders are,” he added.



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