Tech Solutions Group, Kudura and Kenya’s Energy Regulatory Commission Launch €2.5 million Project to Provide Communities with Solar Power

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Kudura, a technological solutions project that integrates multiple energy solutions with the goal of developing the rural world, has partnered with Kenya’s Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in order to provide communities with access to electricity.

As part of the ERC’s Tariff Application process to connect consumers to the country’s national power grid, the Commission held stakeholder consultation forums at Kudura Power East Africa’s base in Kenya’s Busia County.

Kudura Power East Africa seeks license to operate 10 Solar Powered Mini-grid sites in Busia County, including Akadetawai, Buyende, Dirakhi & Rukada, Makhurisi, Bwiri A Bwiri B & Mudorika, Mufumu, Mukhwayo, Namagumba, Syamakhanga and Mumbakha, as well as Mukhondo & Mugonga.

The stakeholder consultations forums were undertaken in 6 out of 10 mini-grid sites that Kudura Power East Africa seeks to connect with Solar Power.

The mini-grids will connect 15 communities across Busia County’s Funyula, Teso North and Matayos regions to the mini-grid.

To effectively serve these communities, Kudura Power plans to generate 270 kilowatts (kW) from the solar renewable sites. The CapEx (capital expenditure) investment of the project is €2.5 million.

Kudura Power East Africa and its partner, RVE.SOL, together with an organization known as the Sidonge Community Self-Help Group, have been operating an integrated mini grid pilot to provide rural off-grid villages with renewable electricity, potable water, biogas and organic fertilizer.

Following the success of Sidonge Pilot project, Kudura Power East sought to replicate the project across 10 off-grid communities in Busia County. The result was the stakeholder forum held this week.

The event was graced by the Portuguese Ambassador to Kenya, Madam Luisa Fragoso, Busia County Governor, Sospeter Ojamoong and Kenya’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Ababu Nawmamba.

The ERC has since announced plans to conduct stakeholder consultations in the more Kenyan communities, including Akadetawai, Buyende, Dirakho and Rukada.


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