US Tech Company, Genesys Experiencing Strong Growth in Southern East Africa Region

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Genesys, a United States-based company that sells customer experience and call center technology to mid-sized and large businesses is currently experiencing strong growth in the Southern East Africa (SEA) region.

The company, which sells both cloud-based and on-premises software, says enterprises in key African development hubs are quickly catching up with their international counterparts in terms of next-generation omni-channel customer service, sales and marketing.

“Businesses across major verticals including financial services, healthcare, insurance, hospitality and travel are moving to modernise their contact centre infrastructure; customer experience, customer service, sales and marketing channels are key focus areas,” explained Adriaan van Staden, Senior Sales Manager for Southern East Africa at Genesys.

“This is driven by customer demand and growing competition in these sectors,” he added in a statement issued this week.

Genesys, which is headquartered in Daly City, California, and has offices in Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia, has found that enterprises in Southern East Africa and Mauritius are rapidly stepping up their efforts to boost customer experience.

In many cases, businesses in the region are investing in contact centres and customer experience suites for the first time or are moving from very limited capabilities, and are leapfrogging directly to cloud-based all-in-one solutions, van Staden said.

He noted that there is particularly keen interest in cloud-based and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled solutions that allow for in-depth analysis of customer sentiment and market trends, and that support proactive customer service.

“Depending on local conditions, companies in the region are looking to either consider private cloud or a Cloud solution such as our PureCloud offering. We see particularly strong demand for cloud / hosted solutions into Africa, where there are skills shortages, rapid time to value is a key and a critical priority. Companies in Africa are looking for innovative solutions with a compelling total cost of ownership and a proven return on investment (ROI) model,” elaborated van Staden.

He noted that as they adopt next-generation customer experience solutions, African enterprises are fast becoming innovation leaders in terms of how they deploy and use these solutions.

“Globally, we find many customers setting up channels based on simplistic business rules for routing decisions across different interactions; whereas across Africa, enterprises are harnessing workforce management along with intelligent routing to direct calls to agents based on agents’ skills levels, their ability to resolve the query, sale or service with context from previous interactions across their channel of choice and even whether the agents are currently available to handle the interactions,” he said.

These moves to innovate and drive growth by harnessing next-generation solutions are encouraging signs of overall economic development across the region, he said.

“This increased investment is evidenced by our own outstanding performance in the region – in the financial year to date, our SEA Region is currently ranked 5th worldwide out of 26 sub regions globally. In fact, our SEA Region’s growth year on year was 74% in Q1, 110% in Q2, 28% in Q3 and is forecasted to top 87% in Q4,” he continued.

“Southern and East Africa are clearly entering a rapid growth phase and we are excited to be helping drive this new phase in enterprise transformation and development on the continent,” van Staden concluded.


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