SEEG Continues Working to Provide Services to Gabonese Population After Country’s Government Seizes Water and Electricity Unit

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France-based environment group, SEEG, which provides water and electricity services in Gabon, will continue working to serve the country’s population even after country’s government took over its local unit.

The organization has reaffirmed its commitment to keeping its operations active in the wake of a shakeup that began last week.

“SEEG regrets the sudden decision taken today by Gabon’s Ministry of Water and Energy to terminate the concession agreement and the brutal use of Gabonese forces, who requisitioned the company,” the company said in a statement issued this week.

SEEG is a unit of Veolia, a global leader in optimized resource management that has operations in Africa.

On Friday, February 16th, 2018, Gabon’s government said it had temporarily seized Veolia’s SEEG unit and intends to terminate its contract to distribute water and electricity in the Central African country.

At the time, Gabon’s Water and Energy Minister Patrick Eyogo Edzang said government-appointed administrators would manage SEEG during an interim.

SEEG, which is short for Société d’Énergie et d’Eau du Gabon (Energy and Water Company of Gabon),

The government has complained for years about frequent water cuts in the capital of Libreville and threatened to freeze Veolia’s concession.

“In the interest of preserving continuity and quality in the public provision of drinking water and electric energy, the Gabonese state has proceeded exceptionally to the temporary requisition of the company,” Minister Edzang explained.

“Our thoughts are with our employees, our teams who are permanently working to provide the most efficient supply of water and electricity to the Gabonese population,” SEEG said in a follow up statement this week.

SEEG has been supporting Gabon’s growth for more than 20 years, given that the number of clients supplied with water and electricity has tripled, amounting to a 200% increase over the past two decades.

The company stated that its supply rate is currently 89.3% for electricity and 92.2% for water, making Gabon one of Africa’s leading providers since 2012.

“In a country facing intense population growth, water production capacity is stretched to the maximum. We are now waiting for the Gabonese state to comply with applicable legislation. And we hope that the people of Gabon will continue to enjoy quality, healthy drinking water that meets international standards, and the highest quality of electricity with regard to working conditions in the country,” said SEEG officials.


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