Siemens FABRIC Project to Help Transform Africa’s Urban Centers into Smart Cities of the Future

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Siemen, a Berlin and Munich-based global technology powerhouse, has launched a data visualization project known as FABRIC, demonstrating how crucial data is in transforming Africa’s urban centers into smart cities of the future.

The project was unveiled at a high profile event dubbed the German Africa Business Summit in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

The interactive initiative, which was previously launched in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, showcases African ecosystems and how by understanding data patterns, we can make smart decisions on connecting people and technology, ultimately building solutions with purpose.

The project used Jamestown and immedaite surrounding areas as a case study due to the town’s strong culture and powerful history. The data visualization of Jamestown revealed how among all the challenges the area may be facing, the water crisis is a major one.

“Understanding data can help town planners identify a community’s challenges to better deliver services and identify ways to improve the community,” explained Edmund Acheampong, Country Manager of Siemens Ghana.

“Jamestown was the perfect place for a project like FABRIC. The area, which has its challenges, still shows great infrastructural potential.” He also added that “Siemens is committed to unlocking the potential of communities through its digital expertise,” he said.

Jamestown, which also houses the Central Business District (CBD), is the hub of major commercial activities within the city of Accra. The town is believed to attract an estimated daily influx of about 2 million people from various walks of life who come for Administrative, Educational, Industrial and Commercial reasons. This situation does not only boost economic activity within the Metropolis but also puts a lot of pressure on already heavily burdened energy infrastructure, coupled with water, energy and sanitation challenges.

“We chose to activate the story of Siemens in Ghana through this initiative because we know how important telling a story through fabric is across cultures and languages in Africa,” added Mr. Acheampong.

Mr. Acheampong believes companies with the right technologies need to step in to make a difference. He explained that Siemens’ Water portfolio covered the entire water value chain from, Water Transport, Treatment, Desalination and pumping stations. Siemens, in collaboration with the government and other local companies, plans to work towards building a resilient Accra through intelligent water infrastructure and sustainable energy solutions that will contribute to Ghana’s industrialization ambitions.

According to Siemens, igitalization, especially in Africa creates the opportunity to drive economic growth. The company believes that it creates an opportunity to leapfrog old technologies and employ modern solutions that can help industrialize economies.



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