Uganda National Water And Sewerage Corporation Embarks On Upgrade And Expansion Of 22 Business Parks

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Uganda’s National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), a public utility company 100 percent owned by the country’s Government, is working to industrialise the East African nation by further developing its water network and upgrading its famous business parks.

The 22 Industrial and Business parks were established by the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) – a state-owned semi-autonomous investment promotion and facilitation organisation – to create jobs and add value to locally available raw materials.

The NWSC has this week embarked on a network intensification drive to address a water supply challenge in Seeta-Nantabulirwa, region in Uganda in need of infrastructure development.

The Corporation confirmed that it was laying 1 kilometer of 4 inch mains to help supply the region with water.

“We’re also reconfiguring the pump station at Namanve to allow for pumping to the highest points of Nantabulirwa hill,” the organisation said.

Namanve is an area in Central Uganda and home to an industrial park of the same name.

“This year, we embarked on water and sanitation infrastructure upgrade and expansion in the 22 industrial and business parks identified by the Government and Uganda Investment Authority,” said Dr. Silver Mugisha, Managing Director for the National Water & Sewerage Corporation.

He added that the infrastructure will boost the country’s industrialisation plans.

The Corporation kicked off the new year with an aggressive plan to set up a sustainable water network that spans various regions across Uganda.

“We’re surveying route maps for new water mains extensions to Bukoyi, Maresi, Nambale, Buwatsala and the surrounding areas. This will improve access to safe water in Manafwa district,” the Corporation said.

“We’re working on a new Pump generator house to improve water supply reliability in Kyenjojo town. This is part of the ongoing interventions to boost water supply reliability in town following the recent take over of piped systems in Kyenjojo ,” Dr. Mugisha said in a statement issued on January 5th, 2018.

Kyenjojo is a town in the Western Region of Uganda. It is the main municipal, administrative, and commercial center of Kyenjojo District.

The town has been prone to water crises in the past. In 2009, pipes that supply water to the town were destroyed by workers constructing a fuel station in the area.

The government has since moved to resolve such calamities and hopes that the new upgrades will serve not only, Kyenjojo, but other municipalities as well.


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