Angola: Japan Invests in food Processing Centre in Namibe

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Funding from the government of Japan is going into the construction of a food processing and preservation Centre in Angola’s city of Moçâmedes in the Namibe district.

The USD 120, 000 plant captured by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is billed for opening in June this year.

The construction work which began in January of this year aims to conserve peasant food to reduce post-harvest losses in Namibe province.

Speaking to ANGOP in Lubango, FAO’s southern regional representative, Matteo Tonini, said that Angola depends exclusively on the outside for conserved products and prices lose some value when there is an excess in agricultural production.

 “That is why FAO together with the Japanese embassy thought to build a food processing and conservation centre in Namibe, which will have a refrigerator and other components”, he said.

To support the unit, Matteo Tonini informed that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Fund held in 2013 a training course on food conservation and processing aimed at empowering local farmers to guide the conservation of products with little time of durability.


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