Angola: U.S. Business People Invited to Invest in Transport Sector in Angola

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Chicago — The Transports Minister, Augusto da Silva Tomás, invited on Friday in Chicago (USA), the American business people to invest in the sectors of railway transports, heavy logistics (macrologistics) and in the field of port maritime in Angola.

“We still have a meaningful deficit of infrastructures, which reduces our capacity of flowing in the territory and it hinders a lot the chances of development, especially at the level of endogenous natural resources exploration, extensive agriculture, industry, transports and consequently the projection of our economy at the international market”, he said.
The appeal was made by the Angolan minister during the African Leaders Forum on Transports, which took place on 31 July – 01 August in Chicago. During the event, the minister presented various projects in his sector, with highlight to the new international airport of Luanda.
According to him, the new airport of Luanda, whose conclusion is set for 2017, will have the capacity to receive aircrafts like A380 or Dream Lines of Boeing, and annually it will be up to move about 15 million passengers. He also spoke of the programme aimed to expand and modernise other airports of the country.

In the field of Angolan Railways, the minister stated that they are very important because the railways will increase accessibilities and mobility of people and goods countrywide.

Augusto da Silva Tomás lead a delegation comprising the directors of the National Institute of Civil Aviation (INAVIC), Carlos David; the National Institute of Railways of Angola (INCFA), Júlio Bango; the National Freight Council (CNC), Francisco Itembo; and the CEO of National Company for Airports and Air Navigation (ENANA), Manuel Ceita.

The Forum is being held with the support of the US government, through the Transport Department, and gathers Angola, Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa.


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