Danish Investors Set to Sink $1bn into Africa’s Transport, Energy Sectors

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African energy and transportation sector has attracted major investors from Denmark, A.P Moller Holdings, Laegerness Pension, Pension Denmark and PKA ready to launch the infrastructure fund in Africa.

The first investment input is estimated between $500 million to one billion US $, reports Financial News London. The Danish investors will try to encourage investments in the infrastructure development across Africa.

Robert Maersk Uggla (CEO A.P. Muller Holdings) suggests that during the coming decade, Africa could reach a population of 1 billion working age group and there is a need of to invest in its infrastructure. In this regard, it is great to be a part of an efficient and capable team of investment companies looking for infrastructure management in Africa’s near future.

It is vital to improving the infrastructure in Africa, claims World Bank. It is a shame that a countless number of people fail to take their products to the market due to the lack of transportation and machinery. It is important to contribute to the improvement of the energy sector across Africa.

According to Peter Damgaard Jensen (CEO PKA), the fund will rise the pension return and on the other hand, it will improve the economic condition in Africa. The fund will help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.

Torben Moger Pedersen (CEO Pension Denmark) seconds Peter Jensen by claiming that the fund is the demonstration of how private funds can contribute positively to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

For the next 10 years, the Africa Infrastructure Fund seeks from 10 to 15 investments to help economic growth in Africa and at the same time anticipating a good return to the investors.

According to a UN report, the slow growth of economic development across Africa is due to the lack of proper infrastructure. Such investments have the potential to fill up the gaps and to lead Africa’s economy to a bright future.


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