East Africa Property Summit Aims to Reduce Cost of Doing Business and Create a More Affordable Real Estate Sector

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The East Africa Property Investment (EAPI) Summit, a meeting of real estate industry players from across the region, will soon harness its agenda-setting platform to develop and deliver an Affordable Housing Investment Manifesto.

The event, which is slated for the 10th and 11th of April, 2019, also seeks to reduce the cost of doing business and create a more affordable real estate sector for the region.

According to EAPI’s Managing Director Kfir Rusin, the Manifesto will help streamline private sector investment into affordable housing and provide a concrete mechanism for engagement with public sector leaders.

The development of the Manifesto follows the endorsement of the Summit by the Affordable Housing Plan’s chief architect Charles Hinga Mwaura, Principal Secretary for Kenya’s State Department of Housing and Urban Development, earlier this month.

“EAPI is the only platform with the industry capital and credibility to develop and present an Access to Affordable Housing Manifesto, which will be developed during EAPI 2019 to highlight challenges and solutions to private sector investment and participation in Affordable Housing,” commented Rusin.

Although the Kenyan Government’s Affordable Housing Plan is attracting interest from a wide variety of parties, the challenge has been to connect and identify projects to all stakeholders in the regional value chain, as Mwaura noted in his letter of endorsement.

“We look forward to this opportunity to showcase our existing and pipeline projects to potential business partners and to make our contribution in the delivery of government’s housing plan,” he said.

The Summit will provide a working environment for industry leaders to work towards: connecting investor capital – both international private equity and institutional – to state-backed affordable housing projects; reducing the cost of construction; creating an enabling framework & environment for large scale property development; building the investment case for alternative asset classes and affordable housing; and unlocking land for real estate development.

Commenting on the industry’s need to work towards achieving affordability, Rusin said that understanding and setting objectives are key to driving investment and development of mass-scale affordable housing projects.

Now in its sixth year, EAPI 2019 two-day real estate agenda setting platform will play host to the largest international and regionals developers such as Echostone USA and South Africa’s International Housing Solutions, who will present case studies on their mega Nigeria project and South Africa respectively to more than 500 delegates.

“While this year’s theme: ‘Driving Affordability through the Property Value Chain’, has drawn inspiration from the Government’s Affordable Housing Plan, the two-day event will continue to cover all the major real estate asset classes in East Africa under the “lens of affordability,” Rusin concluded.


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