Italian Investors’ Delegation to Visit Zambia in September

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Italian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation  Mr, Mario Giro will lead a team of NGOs and Investors to Zambia in September, 2017  to explore investment opportunities in the country.

During a meeting between Community Development and Social Services Minister Hon. Emerine Kabanshi,and Hon. Giro at the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry on Thursday, 7th April, the Minister said Zambia was a peaceful nation with great potential for investment and that Italy wanted to strengthen and consolidate co-operation with the country by setting up various investments.

He emphasised that Zambia is a peaceful country and Italy would like to explore investment opportunities that will benefit both Zambia and Italy and in the long run cement relations.

“I will come to Zambia with a team of NGOs and do a survey and exchange ideas on how our two countries can work together. This visit will enable us to have Government to Government exchange meetings to consolidate the bilateral relations and also Government to Business Sector relations,” he said.

The relations should be made stronger, Zambia is a very peaceful country and your investment in Zambia will not go to waste

He said that, there was need to do more in order to help develop Zambia adding that Italy wanted to continue supporting Zambias’ development agenda by strengthening the relations of the two countries.

He said there was need for Italy and Zambia to start afresh and strengthen strong relations saying that Italy is ready to work and support the Zambian government in different areas that are aimed at uplifting lives of the underprivileged.

And Hon. Kabanshi stressed the need to strengthen cooperation between Zambia and Italy.

“The relations should be made stronger, Zambia is a very peaceful country and your investment in Zambia will not go to waste. We are inviting you to Zambia and bring investors who would like to invest in Zambia in different sectors of the economy such as Tourism, Mining, Agriculture, Education and Trade,” she said.

She told Hon. Giro that she was in Italy to lay a ground for Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Harry Kalaba who would elaborate more on Zambia s investment opportunities once the two countries meet for bilateral meetings in Lusaka in September.

Ms. Kabanshi also requested Hon. Giro to consider extending more scholarship opportunities to Zambians especially the less privileged and marginalised girls.


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