Kenyan Govt to Make Nairobi More Attractive to Investors

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Kenya is working on a scheme aimed at improving the allure of Nairobi in the eyes of global firms seeking to expand operations to Africa, officials have said.

Industrialisation secretary Adan Mohamed is set to meet the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) officials to lay the foundation for the strategy which is also meant to rev up the country’s industrial engine, Business Daily Africa reported.

Mr Mohamed said on Wednesday last week that his ministry will seek views from the private sector on laws and policies that should be reviewed or enacted in the race to attract global industries to set up shops in Kenya.

“We will be having some tough, tough conversations. Be ready to be challenged and we are ready to be challenged as well,” Mr Mohamed told industrialists on Wednesday last week.

“We will put on the table things that can be fixed. What can be done, we will do it. What can take longer, we can put a plan together for implementation.”


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