Nigeria’s Meristem Securities launches Zedd, Artificial Intelligence bot

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Meristem Securities Limited, a Lagos based Investment banking firm, has launched Zedd, which is an artificial intelligent bot that interacts with users in a human-like pattern to on-board prospective investors while offering more personalised services to clients.

Modelled after a 29-year-old savvy investment advisor, Zedd can offer real time mutual funds rates and live stock prices. He also offers guidance towards investment choices based on lifestyle and risk tolerance while guiding on-boarders through the account sign-up process.

Zedd, which describes himself as the investment sage upon introductions, is social. He understands the dynamics of corporate wears through the week, casual wears on Fridays and traditional outfits for weekends.

The Head of Brands and Marketing at Meristem Securities Limited, Solape Akinpelu, who announced Zedd, the technology innovation that is driven by artificial intelligence said “technology is meant to make us more interactive and that’s exactly what Zedd is about. With Zedd, you never have to worry how or what to invest your funds on. Zedd practically guides you towards investment options that fit your fund size, risk tolerance, and duration you are willing to invest for”.

He added that “we understand the hurdles towards having an investment plan; from a busy schedule to a vague understanding about the dynamics”.

Akinpelu said “a good thing about Zedd is being able to use it without being mandated to provide your account details or create a new account. As a matter of fact, there are no threats of illegal access to investment funds as Zedd never requests for your personal details”.

The Deputy Managing Director of Meristem, Sulaiman Adedokun, who also spoke on the development, said the main objectives for Zedd was to bridge the financial literacy gap, personalise Meristem’s services as well as establish the trail blazing path of Meristem.

Adedokun said “this is another recorded first for us in the sector, an artificial intelligence wealth advisor resonates more with the millennials, a generation we are proud to serve. It is even more interesting we are launching this on the heels of our Global Investment Performance Standard (GIPs) Compliance”.


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