Schneider Electric, Strathmore Educational Trust to fund electrical course at Eastlands College of Technology in Kenya

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Schneider Electric, a French multinational firm, has partnered with Strathmore Educational Trust to offer a three-year diploma course at the Eastlands College of Technology in Kenya. Schneider will fund a solar and electric laboratory at the college, which is situated in Lunga Lunga.

A statement released by Schneider said “the partnership will see the implementation of a three-year qualifying diploma in electrical and electronics engineering specialised in telecommunications, an accredited course in electrical wireman and solar installations and a three-month certificate course in solar energy”.

It is expected that more than 100 students will be available to take the course every year.

For the past two years in Kenya, Schneider Electric has committed funding worth 500 million shillings for five renewable energy and sustainable development projects.

According to Edouard Heripret, Schneider Electric general manager for East Africa, “the lack of well-trained electricians and engineers in the electrical and energy fields is a major obstacle to the successful and sustainable development of a number of regions in emerging economies”.



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