Uganda Investment Authority Taps Diaspora Citizens to Boost Country’s Agriculture, Mining ICT and Tourism Sectors

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There are vast investment opportunities for diaspora Ugandans in the country’s agro-processing, mining, ICT and tourism industries, the Uganda Investment Authority has said.

 The investment promotion agency, which provides support, serviced land and advice to investors setting up shop in Uganda, this week hosted an event titled the ‘Home is Best Diaspora Summit’ on the 29th of December in Kampala.

 “The Uganda Investment Authority Home is Best Diaspora Summit was engineered way back in 2003 to attract diaspora Ugandans invest back home,” explained Uganda Investment Promotion Expert Dr Maggie Kigozi, who spoke at the event.

 The summit comes at a time when Uganda’s government has been working to market the country as a preferred investment destination.

 The country’s President, Yoweri Museveni told a visiting delegation of entrepreneurs from the United Arab Emirates earlier this month that Uganda is one of the region’s best investment destinations due in part to its untapped business opportunities.

 Museveni’s sentiments came just days after a recent visit to the United Arab Emirates where he addressed the 4th Global Business Forum on Africa.

 At the Forum, Ugandan representatives courted Arab investors, urging them to take advantage of the country’s abundant raw materials, human resources and business opportunities.

 Now the country is looking to its citizens living and working abroad, encouraging them to invest their money locally.

 The UIA has stated that all investment related government agencies under the Authority have been positioned to serve diaspora Ugandans in the shortest time possible.


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