Delegates Convene in Ghana to Address the Changing Media Landscape at Third Africa Business Media Innovators Summit

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More than 100 senior executives, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders from the fields of media, tech and business have convened in Accra, Ghana this week for an annual event dubbed the Africa Business Media Innovators (ABMI) summit to discuss the changing face of media and new hybrid models within the industry.

Organized by international charity, Bloomberg Philanthropies in partnership with the privately-owned Ford Foundation, Africa Business Media Innovators is a part of the Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa, a pan-Africa program launched by the billionaire, Michael Bloomberg to advance business journalism on the continent.

ABMI 2017, which kicked off on November 12th, is being hosted by Matthew Winker, Co-Founder of Bloomberg News and Editor Emeritus, and Justin Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media, and will examine the many new trends and approaches in the wider communications sector, from revenue models to content creation and distribution.

The forum is designed so that media companies can share their strategies for navigating these changes, and their efforts to impact inclusive and sustainable economic growth on the continent.

President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana welcomed delegates from across Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States to attend the event.

The program will include moderated discussions, interactive sessions, and interviews with leaders from across various industries and organisations

The event appeals to a global audience with a focus on the media industry in Africa.

The forum will also consider how business leaders across the continent and globally can continue to contribute to a vibrant media sector; what the primary source of revenue will be; what medium consumers will rely on for news in the next five to ten years; and what enabling factors will enhance media and business journalism.

“As the geopolitical landscape changes with African economies showing the most dynamic demographic opportunity for growth, the continent must continue to build media capacity that will serve Africans’ increasing need for accurate and relevant business information,” said Matthew Winkler, Co-Founder of Bloomberg News and Editor-in-Chief Emeritus.

“This annual gathering of global industry peers is testament to the power and determination of the communications industry to drive and maintain growth,” he continued

The ABMI summit was previously hosted in Kenya and South Africa, where stakeholders and influencers of the media and business landscape in Africa addressed the importance of a robust financial journalism sector, and the value of data and data-related technologies to drive international investment and economic growth.


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