Ghana: petroleum workers demand equal pay for equal work among locals and expatriates

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Ghana’s Petroleum and Chemical Workers Union has called on government to enforce the equal-work for equal-pay sanctioned by the country’s Labour Law.

Western Regional Relations Officer for the General Transport, Petroleum and Chemical Workers Union, Richard Hanson, speaking during a Workers Day parade in Takoradi in the oil- rich Western Region said local petroleum workers are still being treated unfairly, contrary to local content and the labour laws.

Mr. Hanson noted that locals are unfairly paid for equal work due to non-enforcement of laws..

“As a national union, time and tide again we have advocated national salary structure for oil and gas sector. Of course, this call has fallen on the death-ears of the government, but we think that it is something that is achievable.

“We will continue to engage the stakeholders to get this salary structure implemented. Not withstanding that, there is also a pronouncement by President Akufo-Addo in enforcing Section 68 of the Labour Act, which is about Equal-Work for Equal-Pay,” he said.

“So we still want to urge the President that whereas he is calling for Equal-Work for Equal-Pay, it must be a holistic agenda to put Ghanaian workers at par with the expatriates if they are doing the same work and have the same qualification.”

The Petroleum and Chemical Workers Union, also wants the Petroleum Commission to enforce its laws to end the invasion by expatriate workers and companies at the downstream oil and gas activities meant for locals.



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