Institutional African Union Reforms will Ensure Financial Sustainability Across the Continent, says Rwanda’s President

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Ongoing institutional reforms within the African Union (AU) will ensure financial sustainability across the continent, Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame has said.

The Head of State was referring to recommendations on institutional realignment as proposed in 4 Key areas within the AU.

The reforms call for the establishment of a lean and performance-oriented senior leadership team at the African Union Commission (AUC) and the re-evaluation of the AUC’s structures to ensure that they have the right size and capabilities to deliver on the agreed priorities.

The reforms also call for the review and update the mandate and structure of AU organs and institutions in alignment with agreed priority areas; as well as the conducting a professional audit of bureaucratic bottlenecks and inefficiencies that impede service delivery.

Kagame was speaking this week at the International University of Africa in Sudan during a visit of the North African country.

“The ongoing institutional reform of the African Union, aims to make our continental organisation more focused, effective, and financially sustainable. This is critically important, for Africa’s future,” he explained.

“I am happy to note, that a good number of countries, including Sudan and Rwanda, have already begun to implement the new 0.2% levy, on eligible imports, to finance African Union programmes,” he added, referring to a 2016 move by African ministers of finance to implement a 0.2% import levy to fund the African Union.

At the time, the ministers adopted the guidelines on the modalities of implementing the levy to provide reliable and predictable funding for the operational budget of the AU, the Programme and Peace Support Operations budgets, it said.

“This measure is designed to make the African Union less dependent on external partners, and more attuned to the interests and priorities that Africa has defined for itself,” Kagame said.


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