Malian Presidential Candidate to Discuss Africa and Europe’s Role in the Greater Global Economy

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Moussa Mara, a prominent politician and a candidate in Mali’s next presidential elections is expected as speaker at a Paris conference organized by Institute Montaigne – a nonprofit, trans-partisan think tank based in France and the OCP Policy Center – a policy-oriented think tank based in Rabat, Morocco.

The conference, which will be held this week, is centered on the theme: “What role for Africa and Europe in the world as it emerges?”

For many Europeans, Africa is both an economic ‘Eldorado’ – a Golden City of sorts – and a continent that raises demographic and migratory concerns.

At the conference, Mara, among other speakers, will help determine how to reconcile these perceptions, how to concretely build collaborations between these two spaces, and how to contribute to their economic, social and political development in the coming decades.

The OCP Policy Center strives to promote knowledge sharing and to contribute to an enriched reflection on key economic and international relations issues.

By offering a southern perspective on major regional and global strategic challenges facing developing and emerging countries, the OCP Policy Center aims to provide a meaningful policy-making contribution through its four research programs: Agriculture, Environment and Food Security, Economic and Social Development, Commodity Economics and Finance, Geopolitics and International Relations.

One of the objectives of the OCP Policy Center is to support and sustain the emergence of cooperation on strategic regional and global issues.

“We strive to build a strong Young Professionals Network of emerging leaders dedicated to Africa’s transformation, by providing original and stimulating opportunities for involvement with a rising generation of new decision makers in various sectors,” the organization said in a past statement.


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