Canadian Firm Awale Resources Granted new Mining License in Cote d’Ivoire

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Canadian-based mining company Awalé Resources says it has obtained a new gold prospective license in Comoé District, South-Eastern Côte d’Ivoire, as it continues to deepen its stake in the West African country.

“The granting of our second permit enhances our strategy of acquiring and advancing prospective permits to form project areas with significant exploration scale and potential,” the Chief Executive Officer of Awalé Resources, Glen Parsons, said.

The permit which is the second license granted to Awalé out of its three applications for Abengourou project, will allows the company to hold a domain of 718 km².

The company operates several projects in Côte d’Ivoire at various stages of exploration, with the Bondoukou Project near Abengourou currently being the most advanced and the most important.  The projects include the Odienné project which covers 397 km².

The Abengourou project consisting of two granted permits (Amélékia and Nianda) and one permit application, is located within a large meta-sedimentary package comprising metamorphosed siltstones and arenites which have been intruded by granite and diorite bodies along the axis regional-scale fold structures.

The project is considered gold prospective with government mapping indicating gold occurrences throughout the district, as well as both current and relict orpaillage (Artisanal miners) noted by Awalé in the project area.

The region forms the south western Côte d’Ivoire extension of the Sunyani Basin from Ghana and interpreted extensions the Sefwi Belt contacts lie south of the project area. Newmont’s Ahafo gold mining district is located on the Sefwi Belt, close to the Sunyani Basin contact.



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