Ghana Encouraged to Formalize Small Scale Mining

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Ghana Growth and Development Platform (GGDP) has launched a research paper on small-scale mining in Accra that encourages the Ghanaian government to work towards legalizing and structuring small-scale mining within the country.

The paper, titled: “The Employment, Income and Foreign Exchange Effects of Small-scale Mining (Galamsey)” and authored by the Ghana Growth and Development Platform (GGDP), a growth and development policy think-tank, argued that although small-scale mining, popularly known as ‘galamsey’, has been degrading the environment and creating social problems across the country. But the government was urged to consider formalizing the operations of small-scale miners rather than criminalize such activities.

The paper recommended a number of measures that would enhance the government’s chances of successfully structuring the informal sector. These include strengthening institutions for monitoring and controlling small-scale mining activities; enforcing guidelines for the protection of the environment; controlling bad social effects; and assisting miners to legalize their operations.

Other measures include assisting miners to legalize their operations; reviewing Ghana’s mineral concession system, and encouraging education by Non-Governmental and Advocacy groups.

Mr. Kwamena Essilfie Adjaye, corresponding author, Chairman and member, GGDP had earlier in a news conference indicated that GGDP supported efforts to stop ‘galamsey’. But he later added that the think tank wanted it done simultaneously with measures for reformation in place in order to ensure that ‘galamse’ continue to provide employment, income and foreign exchange for miners, their communities and the nation.



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