Ghana: World Bank Gives $50m toward Sustainable Mining

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The World Bank has agreed to provide Ghana with $50 million, with S$30 million of the amount coming as a loan and $20 million as a grant.

The facility is to support the implementation of the Multi-Sectorial Integrated Mining Project (MSIMP) of the government, aimed at ensuring responsible and sustainable small-scale mining in the country and also ensure that all players in the small-scale mining chain including landlords, traditional authorities, communities, government and the mining companies benefit from the small-scale mining.

This was disclosed by Dr. Isaac Bonsu Karikari, Acting National Project Coordinator for the MSIMP during a Media Coalition Against Galamsey (MCAG) forum at Osino, one of the communities affected by illegal mining, popularly called ‘galamsey’ in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Under the project, district assemblies would establish mining committees with trained personnel who would monitor and ensure responsible and sustainable mining in their districts.

Also, all excavators in the country would be registered and tracked so that they could easily be captured on drones when used for illegal mining for easy arrest of the owners.
He said the ban on small-scale mining would soon be lifted, though he was unable to give any date.


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