Guinea: Bauxite Mining Resumes following Days of Riot

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Bauxite mining companies have resumed normal operations in Guinea’s Boke region as local authorities try to negotiate a definitive end to unrest that has disrupted production for more than a week, Reuters has reported.

Boke is home to two major companies that each produce about 15 million tonnes of the aluminium ore bauxite annually, together making up nearly all of Guinea’s production.

Mining companies have had to stop and start operations repeatedly over the past week following days of rioting that gripped Boke and surrounding towns as angry youths pillaged police posts and blocked trains and railroads to protest against electricity cuts and a lack of jobs and services.

“All mining operations are continuing normally since the end of last week,” said an official at the state agency for the development of mining infrastructure, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“This afternoon there will be a meeting between the protest leaders and local authorities to find a definitive solution to these problems,” he added.


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