Africa Oil Discovers New Deposits in Kenya

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Africa Oil Corp. has announced it has struck new oil following the drilling of two new exploration wells in the South Lokichar basin in Turkana County, Kenya.

The area is estimated to have 750 million barrels of discoverable oil deposits.

It encountered 35 metres of net gas and oil pay in Amosing-6 and in Ngamia-10, 65 metres of net oil pay. The data from these wells in Block 10BB will be incorporated into ongoing field development planning activities.

It follows successful drilling carried out on Block 13T in January this year.

The Canadian oil and gas company has a 25 per cent working interest in the two blocks; operator Tullow Oil has 50 per cent; and Maersk Oil and Gas, the remaining 25 per cent interest.

Following the new find, the Joint Venture partners are extending the current exploration and appraisal by a further three wells.

“The additional wells will explore further the Greater Etom complex, test an undrilled fault block adjacent to the Ekales field and drill the Ngamia-11 well which will be used for an extended water flood pilot test in conjunction with the Early Oil Pilot Scheme (EOPS),” the company said.

Water injection testing on three other wells has achieved good water injection rates, proving the feasibility of water injection for the development of these fields and enabling the Ngamia-11 water flood pilot to be incorporated into the EOPS activities.

The EOPS agreement is an agreement between the Kenya Joint Venture and the Government of Kenya that allows all EOPS upstream contracts to be  awarded.

The first stage of the EOPS will be the evacuation of the stored crude oil, which was produced during extended well testing in 2015, to Mombasa by road.

It will be followed by EOPS production of 2,000 bopd in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The EOPS will provide important information which will assist in full field development planning.


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