Libya’s Biggest Oil Field Resumes Production after Temporary Shutdown

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The Sharara oil field in Libya, which has been producing over 250,000 barrels of oil per day, has resumed pumping after a few days of being shut down following an alleged attacked by gunmen.

An engineer had confirmed the gradual shut down of the field to Reuters after revealing its control room had been closed since last weekend.

The engineer did not give details of why the control room had closed but posts by oil workers on Facebook said it had been stormed by an armed group.

Libya has been exempted from an OPEC-led push to cut global production and bolster oil prices and the recovery of the North African country’s output over the past year has complicated the bloc’s efforts to curb global supply.

A Libyan oil source, who confirmed Sharara was being shut down, said supplies of gasoline and jet fuel from Zawiya, a city in the north which is home to an export terminal and a refinery, had also been halted.


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