Nestoil CEO pleads with government to increase pipeline construction to enhance gas supply in Nigeria

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In order to enhance access to natural gas supply by power generating stations or other areas where gas is needed, the Chairman, Nestoil Limited, Dr. Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi has urged the Nigerian government to increase the construction of secure network of pipelines.

Azudialu-Obiejesi, who gave the advise in a paper delivered during the second edition of the Nigerian International Pipeline Technology and Security Conference (NIPITECS), noted that if considered, it is expected to boost power generation output by 20,000 MW needed to drive industrialisation and spur economic growth. He said the current method of using domestic gas cylinders has been eradicated in industrialised nations.

According to Azudialu-Obiejesi “Nigeria, with its abundant reserves of petroleum and gas, stands on the threshold of its own industrial revolution. To kickstart this industrialisation, we most not only extract these resources in the most efficient manner, but also refine and deliver them efficiently, and in a secure and cost effective manner”.

He revealed that the investment in pipelines by the Nigerian government would help eliminate dangerous exposure suffered by the general populace when oil and gas is evacuated through the road. Azudialu-Obiejesi noted that “when the proper pipeline network exists and runs reliably, products are always delivered on time, eliminating the need to build hundreds of storage/holding facilities all over the country”.

The Nestoil Chairman insists that interferences, sabotage and vandalism have resulted to oil spills that have a negative impact on agricultural and fishing activities as well as unfavourable environmental, health and safety implications. He wants the government to address the issues of criminality, sabotage and vandalism to ensure the security, reliability and continuous operation of the country’s pipeline network.

Mr. Geoff Onuoha, the Chairman of Pipelines Professional Association of Nigeria, called for the encouragement of public private partnership in the establishment of new pipelines to develop the economy and fast track growth.

He said “in order to reduce current challenges of pipeline maintenance, the private sector must be allowed to become owners of pipelines for stricter control and effective monitoring”.





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