Angola: Laúca/Capanda Transmission Line Ready for Power Supply Next June

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The 400-kilovolt transmission line linking the Laúca hydroelectric complex to the Capanda substation, tested on May 27, is ready to supply electric power to the system from next June.
This was stated by the Director of the Laúca project, Elias Estevãoo. He said that the test of this line carried out on May 27 was a success, substantiated by the electric charge reception test.
At this time, he said, while Laúca is not producing energy, the same line is receiving energy from Capanda to feed the Laúca project, until the beginning of the production set for July in order to do the reverse.
On the other hand, the official said that the construction of the lines that will connect Waku Kungo and Dango to Huíla province will be completed next year
He said this year or early 2018, Angola will witness the construction of a substation that will receive a 400-KV line in the municipalities of Malanje and Calandul. This will allow for the expansion of the Cacuso substation.


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