Tanzania: How Tanzania Plans to Generate 7mw for Mafia Island

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 The government said on Friday that it has concluded two preliminary studies to connect electricity to Mafia island in the Indian Ocean through submarine cable and generate 7 megawatts through solar, thermal and wind sources.

Deputy Minister for Energy Ms Subira Mgalu told the National Assembly that the hybrid power was cheaper than other sources.

“The hybrid sources will add 7MW. The project will start in June this year and will complete in seven months. The French Development Bank (AFD) has shown interest to sponsor it,” she said.

Currently, Mafia has only 3.8MW supply of electricity with 2.18MW being owned by the national power utility, Tanesco and 1.5MW owned by a private company, Ng’ombeni.

Ms Mgalu was responding to a question asked by Mr Baraka Dau (Mafia-CCM) who wanted to know when the government would connect the island with power from Nyamisati in the coast through submarine cables.


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