Kenya Breweries Limited Launches New Premium Ale in Bid to Grow Revenues

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Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL), one of the country’s leading brewers, has launched a new beer in the ale category under the company’s iconic Tusker trademark. The company said in a statement that the craft-brewed Tusker Premium Ale is targeted towards a growing range of discerning consumers looking for a new beer experience.

Distinct from other beer categories, such as lagers, stouts, malts and ciders, an ale is brewed at higher temperatures resulting a richer, full-bodied, hoppy finish. Tusker Premium Ale is the first innovation in ale category from the Tusker family in three years.

KBL Managing Director Mrs. Jane Karuku said KBL’s desire to respond to changing consumer tastes and preference has driven the innovation of Tusker Premium Ale, the company’s most premium beer brand.

“This innovation is the result of a wide-ranging consumer research looking into trends driving the alcohol beverage market in our industry. We believe Tusker Premium Ale has the potential to satisfy the growing group of discerning consumers increasingly eager for new beer categories,” she added.

“The new brand underpins our innovation capability and credentials, which have enabled KBL continuously deliver to consumers a wider variety from which to build their drinking repertoire. As a brand borne out of the iconic Tusker family, we have no doubt that Tusker Premium Ale will be a favourite for many beer fans looking for a fuller, richer taste,” Mrs. Karuku continued.

Brewed with a selected variety of hops, Tusker Premium Ale has an Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of 5% and is already available in selected outlets. Packaged in a new, stylish, 500ML brown bottle, Tusker Premium Ale is best when served chilled and will retail at a recommended price (RRP) of Kshs 210.

EABL Marketing and Innovations Director, Graham Villiers-Tuthill said Tusker’s pioneering spirit has enabled us to innovate Tusker Premium Ale.

“Ales are a popular category in other parts of the world and we have seen a growing consumer affinity in Kenya. But our main focus is a larger group of consumers who could not access the category at all, delivered to their favourite outlets in its freshness. The scale we have as KBL especially with our exceptional route-to-consumer capability, coupled with the strength of our iconic Tusker trademark, will enable us to make it readily available to adult consumers at their points of purchase,” he continued.

The Tusker brand was launched in 1922 and is the leading beer in Kenya. The previous variant, Tusker Premium Cider, was launched in October 2016 and has been hugely successful in the market. Tusker Premium Ale will bring to five the number of variants now under Tusker trademark. Other brands include Tusker Lager, Tusker Malt, Tusker Lite and Tusker Cider.

Innovation brands have significantly contributed to KBL’s business growth. In fact, newly-launched products contributed about a fifth to KBL’s revenues in the half-year period ending December 2018.


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