Postal Corporation of Kenya and American logistics firm Seagate sign doorstep delivery deal

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The Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) and Seagate, an American logistics company have partnered to enable Kenyans ship purchases from international e-commerce companies to their doorsteps.

As a result of the partnership, online shoppers in Kenya will buy from firms such as Amazon and e-Bay then Seagate will ship to Kenya. Once in the country, PCK will deliver the goods to homes.

PCK noted that the deal will also help offset the trade imbalance as establishing a link between the two companies will allow buyers to procure goods from Kenyan merchants.

The Postmaster General Dan Kagwe said “everybody is getting into the internet and buying stuff from China, the US and everywhere but nothing comes from us. Seagate brings in and opens the doors for Kenyan SMEs to access the market in the US. It opens that logistics presence for PCK into the US which is also an extremely big achievement”.

BSK Global Technology is in charge of developing the IT solutions required to streamline the online processes. The technology firm will make sure the new shipping option is available to users as they browse e-commerce sites.

PCK and Kenya’s Ministry of ICT have been pushing for the growth and development of e-commerce infrastructure. A report by the United Nations Conference and Trade Development said Kenya had 2,614,000 online shoppers, coming third in Africa after Nigeria and South Africa.

The percentage of internet users shopping online rose to 24 percent from 16 percent in the 2017 e-commerce index.

The United Nations’ Universal Postal Union also revealed it was interested in a partnership with Kenya to establish a regional e-commerce hub.


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