Sudan’s Cofftea set to package premium tea for the Kenyan market

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Cofftea Trading Company Ltd, a multinational company based in Sudan has launched its own line of premium tea in Kenya, in a bid to capitalise on popularity of the beverage. The move is likely to step up competition with existing local brands.

Faraja tea, a premium tea brand which is owned by Cofftea, will now trade at local retailers alongside established brands such as Ketepa and Kericho Gold. The firm also deals with sugar, animal feeds and cooking oil, and operates in a number of other countries including United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

Cofftea is one of the major buyers of Kenyan tea at the Mombasa auction for its Khartoum-based business, but will now be packaging locally for the Kenyan market, an operation the firm said will be a boost to farmers.

Siddig Idris, Cofftea’s Managing Director said “we are giving Kenyans a better choice of having good tea in the market as we seek to expand our business locally”.

The development comes two years after Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta visited the company’s offices in Khartoum and urged the firm to consider expanding its business to Kenya.

The Trade Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya lauded Cofftea’s move, saying it would go a long way in helping Kenyan farmers and the country’s economy.

Munya said “we are happy that the launch of this tea will lead to value addition locally and cut on the amount of bulk tea that is exported to other countries that has seen Kenya’s produce lose its origin as it is used in blending other teas out there”.



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