Swedish Furniture Giant, IKEA Partners with African Designers to Launch Överallt’ Collection

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Swedish-founded multinational group, IKEA is set to launch its Överallt collection at an event dubbed the Design Indaba Festival in Cape Town, South Africa.

The launch is the culmination of a partnership between African designers and IKEA, which designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories.

Two years ago IKEA teamed up with a group of designers, architects, artists and creatives from five African countries to collaborate around modern urban rituals and the importance they play in the home. The result is the limited-edition Överallt collection, which will be launched on 27th February, 2019 at the Design Indaba Festival in Cape Town.

Överallt’s journey started with IKEA wanting to learn more about the contemporary African design scene and the creative explosion that can be seen in several cities around Africa. Ten designers, all connected to the South African multi-faceted platform, Design Indaba and its network, teamed up with five IKEA designers.

The starting point was to explore modern urban rituals connected to socializing around food, indoor and outdoor living, the rituals around expressing identity and sustainability. From there, the design and development process has resulted in a collection of products that is all about building bridges and discovering the “urban living room” together with others.

“With Överallt, we want to encourage and trigger people to come together and eat, share stories, be creative and spend time with one another,” explained James Futcher, Creative Leader at IKEA.

“And, thanks to the merging of creatives and all the good discussions we’ve had along the way, each design has a way of supporting that. Överallt is like a palette of socializing tools,” he said.

The collection, which will be available in all IKEA markets in May, 2019, includes larger pieces of furniture, tableware, textiles, and a sustainable tote bag, amongst others.

The collection will be showcased for the first time ever during the Design Indaba Festival in Cape Town, from 27th February to 1st March, 2019.


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