11 Hubs Join AfriLabs Pan-African Network

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A total of 11 hubs from across the continent have joined AfriLabs pan-African network.

The new members are: nHub, iBridge and Startpreneurs from Nigeria; Sote Hub and BitHub, Kenya; inCUBE8 Malawi; Lumumba Labs Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); Wenak Labs Chad; The Innovation Village Kampala Uganda; The Tech Village Zimbabwe; and dLab Tanzania.

Welcoming them to the network, Anna Ekeledo, Head of Secretariat, AfriLabs said, “We are constantly looking to partner with tech hubs and other stakeholders of technology related businesses to advocate for collaboration co-creation, for better enabling policies, access to the right tools, environment and finance to scale in Africa.”

AfriLabs supports the development of start-ups, technology and innovation through 50 technology hubs in 20 countries to build an innovation infrastructure that will encourage the growth of Africa’s knowledge economy.

Founded in 2011, it has built a community of rapidly emerging spaces for developers, entrepreneurs and investors to create.

It also fosters partnerships between tech hubs across the different regions and promotes opportunities that they and communities around them can benefit from.


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