African Tech Firm, Wari Plans to Target More Financially Excluded Markets

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Wari, an African tech firm that was founded in Senegal, has reaffirmed its commitment to boosting global financial inclusion.

Launched in 2010, Wari is a digital platform offering financial services intended for the public, companies, institutions and merchants.

The Wari digital financial platform and its services are available in more than 60 countries, via 500,000 direct points of service and partners worldwide, including 45,000 in Africa. They offer a wide range of products and services from Wari accounts to payment of water and electricity bills, TV subscription, purchase of airtime, games and lotteries, money transfer, and insurance among others.

The company recently made its offerings available on the WhatsApp social media platform through its ‘MyWari’ service, allowing Wari customers to easily request access to frequently used services and initiate financial operations.

According to Wari’s research, more than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family.

“It is this very reason that has driven War to integrate with the WhatsApp Business solution to enable customers – through strategic partnerships – to request its financial services around the world on WhatsApp,” the company said in a recent statement.

On WhatsApp, Wari customers will be able to request access to frequently used services and request to initiate financial operations that include opening an account, topping-up balances, sending and receiving money, purchasing of airtime, as well as payment of bills.

“The introduction of MyWari on WhatsApp provides customers the convenience to transact and communicate directly as well as easily carry out all their operations. The service on WhatsApp is currently available in French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese with Russian and Arabic coming soon.

This will allow Wari to cater to a broader customer base with the aim of enhancing the user experience across different continents and languages.

As a testimony to its commitment, Wari has already partnered with hundreds of local and global financial institutions and commercial corporations around the globe, including Orabank, MoneyGlobe, Titanes Money Transfer Airtel, DStv, Ecobank, Monty Global Payments and TNT Africa, among others.

Wari said its availability on WhatsApp will enable millions of consumers to request to initiate financial transactions, regardless of where they may be located in the world.

“We have been working for several months to globalise our platform through strategic acquisitions and partnerships on all continent,” said Kabirou Mbodje, Wari President and CEO.

“We are always aiming to create a standard to interconnect people in all countries and to make financial inclusion a reality, thus building tomorrow’s world,” he continued.

Mbodje says that plans to expand the digital offering have always been on the cards.

“We are steadily and decisively pursuing our development of wide-ranging services and distribution channels,” he added.

The WhatsApp offering will allow Wari to position itself as a pioneer in the digital world while pursuing its global development agenda.

“This new partnership with WhatsApp further confirms our strategic goal of ensuring our key services are accessible to the masses through a digital evolution,” he concluded.



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