Hong Kong Phone Maker To Enter Kenyan Market

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Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer Nuu Mobiles is eyeing the Kenyan market as part of its strategy to expand in Africa.

Nuu Mobiles, which is owned by Sun Cupid technology (HK) Limited, manufactures its phones in mainland China.

The tech firm will debut in the Kenyan market by introducing Android smartphones priced at between Sh15,000 and Sh50,000.

Nuu has been operating for the last three decades in Asia, the US and Europe and now wants a piece of the Kenyan smartphone market among other new regions.

“We will be launching the Nairobi outlet next month as part of a wider scheme to penetrate the African market,” Danny Sit, Nuu Mobiles general manager, said in an interview.

“We are using Kenya to enter the African market as it is a stable country. The currency is also relatively stable because even after the elections, the dollar has not changed.”

Nuu Mobiles says it will work with about 300 retail outlets and online players across the country.


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