International Telco, Orange Partners with KaiOS Technologies to Grow Operations in Africa

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Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, has partnered with software developer, KaiOS Technologies in a bid to grow its operations in Africa.

In the field of telephony as in many others, Africa has jumped a technological step by moving directly to mobile. The outlook of the smartphone market is still seeing exponential growth. It is estimated that at least 660 million Africans will be equipped with a smartphone by 2020 compared to an estimate of about 336 million in 2016.

In light of these developments, Orange has continued to invest in mobile internet coverage in 14 countries, including the DRC, Cameroon, Egypt, Equitorial Guinea, Guinea Bisau, Kenya, Liberia, Mali and Morocco in Africa alone. The French telco also has operations in Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain and Slovakia to name a few.

“Orange continues to innovate by partnering with KaiOS Technologies to democratise access to digital services in Africa,” the company said in a recent statement.

Orange is present in 20 countries in Africa and the Middle East where it has 119 million customers. Generating €5 billion in sales in 2017, this zone is a strategic priority for the Group.

Beginning in 2019, Orange customers in Africa will have access to a new category of smart feature phones powered by KaiOS, the operating system from KaiOS Technologies, that is creating an emerging ecosystem of digital products and services at an affordable price.

In addition, customers will be able to use Google’s digital assistant, known as the Google Assistant, in French, English and Arabic to help overcome language and literacy challenges.

The first product to launch will be a 3G smart feature phone, followed by a 4G version later next year. The new phones will allow access to in-demand apps like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Google Search, Google Maps and the Google Assistant.

This offer will be available in almost every country where the Group is present.


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